Kerri is aN inspiring residential and commercial design consultant with a passion for creating unique and personal spaces. 


HNH Designs, formerly known as Heart‘N Home was founded by Kerri Ermel in 1993 with the intent to incorporate creativity, innovation, and beautiful design into the lives and homes of her clientele

The journey has been fast paced and adventuresome with many special projects, vast ideas, and people along the path that has taken her to what we know as HNH Designs today

Kerr's life story has always been about helping others. Her caring and compassionate nature led her first into the medical field as a registered nurse. However, with creativity and innovation rooted deep in her soul, Kerri began to find joy and satisfaction helping those around her through her artwork and teaching.  Her natural gift as an artist influenced her decision to use her personal combination of elegance, capability, and style to follow her flair for design.

JUST Beware… her fun and enthusiasm ARE very contagious!

Kerri’s sensitivity to her client’s needs ensures that her creativity results in a tasteful reflection of what they have always envisioned.